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The Benefits Of Learning To Read Music

Learning to read music can help you to play an instrument better but the benefits don’t stop there! You will become a better musician who is willing to take creative risks and make unique music because of it. This helps you to become a more confident performer, which is rewarding for you and your audience. […]

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Top Benefits of Playing In a Band

Are you looking for a musical challenge? Would you like to combine your musical talents with others? Joining a band is one way to improve your skills, learn a ton about music, and even gain some new fans. Here are 5 reasons why playing in a band can make you a better musician: 1. Playing […]

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How Adult Music Lessons Can Help Your Brain

It’s never too late to learn a new skill. Exercising your mind by exploring new areas of interest, especially ones that are mentally challenging, is a great way to stay sharp. In fact, researchers and scientists say that older adults who engage in activities that engage and stimulate the brain don’t just have fun. They actually […]

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