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What to Know About the Sixteenth Note

Dumdumdumdum, ratatatatat, you likely know the sound of a sixteenth note. You just don’t know that you know it. Music theory comes with its own complex lexicon of dedicated jargon. You might not know what you’re reading about until you hear an example. Then the lights go on and you realize “Oh, so that’s what […]

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A Simple Guide to Learning the E7 Chord on a Piano

Piano chords aren’t just triads. More complex variations add extra depth to your playing. A seventh chord, for example, uses the triad plus the lowered seventh interval. These chords help a melody progress smoothly from one tonal base to another. For example, a dominant E7 chord will make a smooth progression to an A chord […]

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What is the G7 Chord?

If you’re learning the piano, you need to know dominant chords and their variants. The reason that you have to understand these chords is the fact that variants are typically transitions toward different chords. If you want to have any songwriting ability, you’ll need to know how chords change and move toward one another. An […]

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