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An Introduction to the E Major Scale

Ever watched the BBC, Masterpiece Theater, or pretty much any cartoon [1]? Then odds are, even if you don’t recognize it by name, you’ve probably heard Antonio Vivaldi’s famous movement, “Spring,” from his world-renowned piece, The Four Seasons. This piece and many other famous compositions are written in none other than the key of E. […]

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An Introduction to the C Sharp Major Chord

Did you know that for a harp to play in the key of C sharp major, all of the pedals are moved to the bottom position? This makes the harp strings the least resonant they can possibly be as they cannot be made any shorter! While most song writers and composers typically choose to write […]

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An Introduction to the C Sharp Major Scale

If you’re a fan of classical musicians like Bach and Liszt, you’re probably going to encounter the C sharp major scale at some point. Composers have praised this scale for having a very rich tone and a majestic sound, which of course comes in handy when writing something grand like a symphony. So what is […]

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What to Know About the D Minor Chord

Chords are the building blocks of music. Only one note at a time will give you a beautiful melody, but using chords fills it in and makes a simple melody a song. There are a lot of chords to learn. But once you learn the basic ones, you can start creating beautiful music on your […]

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An Introduction to the C Minor Chord

Chords are what make music, well, music. Without them, you only have single notes strung together to make a melody. You can still play a beautiful song with just the melody notes, of course. But a resounding chord is what fills it in and makes a simple melody into a vivacious song. Thus, as you […]

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