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Reading Piano Keys and Notes the Correct Way

Music is the oldest and most universal language. We know a major chord sounds happy and that a minor chord sounds sad. This intuitive to us, whether we know what a major or minor chord is at all. However, the modern form of the musical “language” wasn’t actually created until the year 1025, when modern […]

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Top 10 High Quality Free Music Archives

It goes without saying that everyone likes to kick it with some sweet beats, and thanks to technology, you can play music wherever you are, whenever you want to. The problem is that listening to some tunes can get to be pretty expensive. In most cases, you either have to pay for each individual song […]

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15 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners

Playing the piano is kind of like riding a bike – once you know what you’re doing, it’s almost impossible to forget! The hardest part is just getting started. It can be frustrating for adults and children alike to get the hang of playing the piano. Learning piano requires a lot of time and practice […]

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Best 10 Virtual Online Piano Keyboard Sites

The piano has given us a lot over the years, from classical compositions to the tender riffs in the background of metal music. The piano has truly withstood the test of time, and to this day, many young musicians make it their instrument of choice. However, the piano does have a few flaws. A full-sized […]

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10 Easy Guitar Songs Any Beginner Can Play

There’s nothing sweeter than perfecting a difficult riff, but it doesn’t happen overnight! Every expert guitar player once began by practicing easy guitar songs. Learning guitar can be hard enough, and finding the right song to start off with can be overwhelming. There are millions of songs to choose from. At this point, you may […]

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Top 10 Free MP3 Download Music Sites

Is there anything better in this world than music? Believe it or not, yes. The answer, of course, is free, open source music! While the notion of downloading MP3s may seem strange in the age of Spotify, iHeartRadio and Pandora, downloading your music can give you the freedom that streaming can’t offer. Make sure you’re […]

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Top 10 Reviewed Violin Tuner Apps

Beginning violin students sometimes struggle to learn how to tune their instruments. Playing out-of-tune can feel frustrating until the student’s ear develops. Sensing when a pitch is sharp or flat takes time and practice. What’s more, violins are made of wood, which means they are susceptible to changes in weather and the environment. Your violin […]

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