Allora Student Series AATB-102 Bb Trombone Review

This Allora Student Series is a good instrument choice for beginner trombones. As a brass instructor, I often see new students shy away from band due to the cost of a new instrument. This is a solid solution to that problem. The Bb pitched instrument is ready for any beginner student to play.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Student Trombone

The trick to buying a student trombone is to find a good value for the money. You want something that will work appropriately while also being affordable. While student models are not usually the best quality available for an instrument, they are appropriate for a student that is just literally putting their mouth to the horn. If the student decides that music is the thing for them, better horns may be purchased later on. After all, beginner students can be prone to accidents. There is no need to buy an expensive piece of equipment just to have it damaged in the first week.

The Allora AATB-102 Trombone

This is an extremely standard model of student trombone. The horn features an 8" bell and a .500" bore. This size of bore is ideal for a student. This is especially true when the students are kids. Many advanced models have a larger bore. This is more difficult for a smaller person to put air through. It is already likely that the instrument will be bigger than the child. This is a great model for managing that aspect of playing. There are several other features to this student trombone.

  • Good Bore Size for Beginners
  • Good Value for the Money
  • Beautiful Yellow Brass Appearance
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Ideal Starting Instrument
  • Slide May Bend Easily
  • Needs Cleaned Often to Prevent Sticking Slides
  • Not Long-Lasting

Features and Benefits

Yellow Brass and Lacquer Finish

Allora Student Series AATB-102 Bb Trombone

This horn has a beautiful yellow brass plating with a lacquer finish. This finish is designed to keep the horn shining. It is probably the easiest finish to maintain. Simply take a soft and clean rag to the instrument after playing the horn. This wipes off any film from the hands that could have gotten onto the horn. This keeps the look of the horn clean and nice.

Student Bore Size

This trombone features a 0.500 bore size. This is a good size for students. Many professional level instruments have larger bores. This is great for producing a good range of notes. One of the best parts of playing the trombone is the ability to play low and high notes. However, this is not ideal for a younger student. Little kids have little lungs. It is best for them to learn on this bore size until they grow a little bit. However, this Allora horn does still have the potential for some range. 

Includes a Case and Mouthpiece

Another wonderful aspect of this instrument is that it comes with a case and mouthpiece. Purchased separately, a trombone case could cost at least a couple hundred dollars. A mouthpiece would be more than $50. These features add to the overall value of this horn. This is wonderful news for all of the band parents who do not know a ton about trombone. Your student will be set to go with what is in this package, at least for the first day. You may need to spend a few dollars on quality slide grease, but this is the basic package required to succeed at this instrument.


The best part about this horn is that it is affordable for students from any income level. As stated before, you do not necessarily want to buy a super expensive horn for a brand new player. This trombone is a wonderful option. It is playable, has a good appearance, and it doesn't breaks the bank.

Smooth Slide

Sometimes with student horns, the slide may not work in the best way possible. Fortunately for this model, the slide works extremely well for the horn. There are some reports that it may bend easily, but this would take the horn being dropped or run into something. If the horn is well cared for, it should have no problems with the slide.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Tromba TRB-SL 

Tromba TRB-SL

This horn is a wonderful alternative that is in the same price range as the Allora horn. In fact, this horn is equally as beautiful. However, it is beautiful in a different way. This horn is plated in silver. How silver may be more difficult to maintain. However, silver trombones are more rare. This affordable option has a slightly larger bell, but it the difference is too small to make very much difference in sound.

Compared to Allora:

  • Silver
  • More Difficult to Maintain
  • Slightly Larger Bell
  • Same Price Range

Etude ETB-100 Series 

Etude ETB-100 Series

This horn is also similar to the Allora horn. The horn is lacquor. It has an 8" bell. Unlike the Allora horn, this model's bell is made by hand. This means that more care went in to crafting details. The horn also has the same beatiful appearance and shine as the Allora horn.

Compared to Allora:

  • Same Beautiful Appearance
  • Hand Crafted Bell
  • Reasonable Price

Mendini MTB-31 

Mendini MTB-31

This is a great option for the beginner student who has a little bit of musical experience. It still has a reasonable price. This horn has the added F trigger that is present on most advanced trombones. However, it is still slightly smaller and cheaper than most professional models. This is a good option for older or more physically advanced students.

Compared ​with Allora:

  • Slightly more Expensive
  • F Trigger
  • Better Designed For Older Beginners
  • Comes with Case and Gloves

Final Thoughts

The Allora student model of trombone is a wonderful model for the price. Most students will find immediate success with this instrument. The horn is easy to maintain, and it is very inexpensive. In fact, the biggest asset of this horn is the value for the money. This is a highly recommended instrument for the value. Looking for more ideas, you can check it here, best beginner trombones.

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