Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set Review

When it comes to shopping for an electronic drum set, it quickly becomes apparent how expensive the majority of them are. On the flip side, the less expensive ones generally don't offer enough value to be worth it, using cheap materials in their build that offer poor performance for the drummer. Luckiy, Alesis has solved this issue with the Nitro Kit, which manages to keep its price tag very low while delivering plenty of value.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Electronic Drum Kit

Electronic drum sets are often times very expensive, due to their high tech nature and the work that goes into making them feel realistic to drummers. Because of this, they can seem inaccessible to some musicians. While there is generally a correlation between price and quality, you can find some kits that strike the right balance between affordability and a high end drumming experience. Keep an eye out for sets that feel right to play but don't break the bank.

The Alesis Nitro Kit

The Alesis Nitro Kit is an electronic drum set consisting of an 8” snare, 3 8” toms, 3 cymbals, including hi-hat, ride and crash, as well as a kick drum pad and pedal. Included is the Nitro Module, complete with 40 ready to play drum kits. Players can also program their own kits using the included 385 drum samples, making for a versatile percussion powerhouse.

Some players steer clear of electronic drum sets in favor of acoustic kits, but if you have an open mind there is a lot of new sonic territory to be covered with an instrument such as the Alesis Nitro Kit. Not only that, but the ability to play quietly or with headphones is a big advantage for anyone living in shared housing or an apartment complex.

  • Versatile array of sounds included
  • Affordable as far as electronic drum kits go
  • Ability to play quietly or with headphones
  • May feel too different from acoustic drum kits for some
  • No half-open hi hat feature
  • No triple-zone feature for the ride cymbal

Features and Benefits


Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set

One of the most important elements of an electronic drum kit is making sure it feels natural to the drummer who is playing it. Because electronic drum pads tend to be made of rubber, they can feel quite different from the materials used for acoustic sets, which can be jarring to the player. The Alesis Nitro Kit delivers in this department, offering up dynamic drum pads that are ultra-responsive to the striking of the drum stick. Drummers can get very expressive with how loud or soft they are playing, and there’s a certain bounce to the pads when struck that mimics the feeling of an acoustic drum.


As far as electronic drum kits go, the Nitro Kit is actually rather cost effective. Though it will still set you back a few hundred dollars, that’s nothing compared to other instruments, which can easily jump up in the thousands range real fast. That’s not to say this kit is cheap either, as you get plenty of bang for your buck. Between the vast array of drum sounds included to the high quality drum pads, the Nitro Kit is a great value for any drummer looking to spring for an electronic set.


Of course the most important factor of any musical instrument is the quality of its sound, and the Nitro Kit doesn’t disappoint in this category. This instrument comes with 40 pre-programmed drum kits and 385 drum sounds that range from realistic acoustic samples to out of this world electronic bleeps and bloops. The fact that the drummer can take the included sounds and arrange them into their own kits is a great feature that makes the set more versatile.

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Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Roland TD-30K V-Drums

Roland TD-30K V-Drums

Whereas the Nitro Kit is a budget friendly electronic drum kit, Roland represents the high end of the market with the musician favored V-drums. Instead of spending a few hundred dollars, you’re looking at spending a few thousand, but you’re of course getting a lot of value with the kit. V-Drums are known for their true to life playability, wealth of sounds included and high quality design. If your budget allows for it, you certainly can’t go wrong when it comes to Roland’s V-Drums.

Compared to Alesis Nitro Kit:

  • More expensive
  • High end performance that the Nitro Kit can't compare with
  • More durable construction

Yamaha DTX450K

If you’re looking for a more middle of the road option, the Yamaha DTX450K is another solid option. It’s a bit more expensive than the Nitro kit and doesn’t have as many included drum samples in its library, but the DTX450K does feature a total of ten drum pads with realistic playing action. While Yamaha’s offering is a fine set in its own, it becomes apparent that even at its higher price range it doesn’t offer much that the Nitro Kit can’t compete with for a considerably lessened price tag.

Compared to Alesis Nitro Kit:

  • More expensive
  • Ten drum pads instead of eight
  • Less drum sounds included

RockJam Electronic Rollup Kit

RockJam Electronic Rollup Kit

If you’re primary objective is keeping your budget as low as possible and you have an open mind, you can always consider the RockJam Electronic Roll Up Kit. The RockJam eschews the traditional drum kit configuration and replaces it with a number of assorted drum pads and two pedals that can be used for kick and hi hat. The drummer uses traditional drum sticks and their feet to play it, but it’s footprint is much more compact that a regular drum set. However, the RockJam can be found for less than a hundred dollars, making it a great bargain for beat makers.

Compared to Alesis Nitro Kit:

  • Much cheaper
  • Not a traditional style drum set, unlike the Nitro kit
  • More portable

Final Thoughts

For the money, you’d be hard pressed to find a better bargain when it comes to electronic drum kits than the Nitro Kit. Alesis keeps the price low enough that it can fit the budget of practically any musician, while setting the bar high in terms of quality. Looking at other drum sets in the category it becomes apparent that the Nitro Kit comes loaded with more drum sounds than usual, and the responsive drum heads will make any percussionist happy. If you're looking for the absolute best electronic drum set you can check out our home page for further information.

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