Stephanie Su

Piano and Violin Specialist

I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by lots of music. After building a strong connection via patients as a music therapist, I completed my post graduate training at one of the most renowned hospital in New York. I am now a mother of two and I am enjoying my life from teaching music to young children. 

I believe anyone learn music with compassion and determination. My mission for Music Advisor is not to train, it's to empower YOU to build up your motivation through self-learning. 

I am hoping to bring people together in the music industry to provide you the resources you need to go to the next level.

My 2019 resolution for www.musicadvisor.com is to: 

1) Make this website a one way stop shop for learning music theory.

2) Outreach and connect to more music professionals and music bloggers. 

3) Add more valued article for people to purchase music instruments.

4) Reply to all the comments on this website. 

Stephanie Su