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Piano Apps What to Know About the Piano Keyboard Layout Your Guide to Piano Scales An Introduction to the Sharp Sign Your Guide to the E Flat Major Chord An Introduction to Treble Clef Your Guide to the D Flat Major Chord

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Your Guide to Piano Scales

Piano scales are the basis of any good piano practice regime. They allow your fingers to develop the muscle memory needed to be able to play up and down through the notes without having to think about it. And scales, or portions of them, appear in a huge number of classical piano pieces. Read on […]

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Your Guide to Piano Chord Progressions

All music is based on chord progressions. Even single lines of music on their own imply their underlying chord progressions based on the order of the notes in the melody. Learning to play basic chord progressions on the piano is reasonably easy to do. It allows you to accompany yourself as you sing, or other […]

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