5 Reasons To Learn Electric Guitar

There is a reason older people are rushing to learn how to play a musical instrument [1]. And you should too. If you are thinking you should learn electric guitar, you are on the right track.

It’s one of those things that people feel they need to do. It is also part of many people’s bucket lists. Unfortunately, most of them never get to achieve this goal.

Young or old, you can experience the pure delight of mastering the art of playing a song on an electric guitar. Look at Eagle band members Don Felder and Joe Walsh as they play live solos of ‘Hotel California’ on their electric guitars. It is impressive! It is also nice if you can try a group guitar lesson.

Reasons to Learn Electric Guitar

Before you discover why you should learn electric guitar, you should know what it is like. An electric guitar is a stringed instrument that uses a built-in magnetic pickup or an external device to amplify sound [2]. It shares many similarities with an acoustic guitar, but it does not need a hollow body to produce sound.

Other differences it has over an acoustic guitar include [3]:

  • A volume control knob
  • Thinner strings
  • Slimmer guitar neck for better hand placement
  • Better sound quality due to the use of technology
  • More stylized than acoustic guitars, which tend to look the same.

For you to have an idea how to choose your perfect electric guitar, here’s a video for you:

As you know, learning any instrument will help you grow, boost your social life, improve your health, and open up your future career options. When you learn electric guitar, you get to experience all those benefits plus much more amazing things.

Let’s dive in and look at some of them:

 Guitar Effects Pedals

Just when you thought your electric guitar was giving you everything, you hear about guitar effects pedals. Guitar effects pedals are electronic units that produce special effects during guitar play [4].

You connect them to your guitar and then connect those cables to your amplifier. There are several types of effects pedals serving a different purpose:

  • Boost Pedal – It boosts your guitar’s signal thereby raising the volume.
  • Overdrive Pedal – It raises the range of an amplifier and boosts the mid frequencies.
  • Distortion Pedal – as the name suggests, it distorts notes by appearing to clip the sound waves
  • Fuzz Pedal – It alters the guitar’s signal and transforms it into a square wave.
  • Octavia Pedal – It doubles the effect of an octave.
  • Reverb Pedal – This pedal was at first part of the amplifier. Now, it is a unit that reverberates sound signals from your electric guitar. This helps to create an ambiance.
  • Analog/Digital Delay Pedal – It records the original sound signals and replays them. Digital Delay Pedals have better note clarity than the analog units do.
  • Tremolo Pedal – It creates a fluctuation of volume effect.
  • Chorus Pedal – It mimics the sound effects made by choirs and orchestras.
  • Wah Wah Pedal – It is an effect where it controls the tone by boosting low through higher frequencies.
  • Volume Pedal – This is an addition to the volume knob on your electric guitar. It is for adjusting the volume.

Using different pedals makes guitar playing enjoyable and helps you create new sounds.

Multi-Mic Recording Combinations

When you learn electric guitar, you are not aware of the various techniques that can boost your sound. Using multi-mic recording combinations is one of them.

The first method to use is positioning two dynamic microphones on one speaker. Second, use one dynamic microphone together with a condenser microphone. Third, you can use a microphone that has both dynamic and condenser function.

For you to get the sound right, you need to try different microphone positions. It’s like when you move around your aerial to get a better TV signal. Once you find the right combinations, your electric guitar experience will level up.

Free Online Tabs

One criticism of electric guitar players is that they can’t read sheet music. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

As an advantage, it means when you learn electric guitar, you can express yourself more. This is because you are interpreting music rather than reading it off a paper. The disadvantage is that knowing how to read sheet music is an important part of music learning.

Nevertheless, the good news is that guitar players can find the tabs to most songs online. Once they master the tabs, they know how to play the song. Simple as that.

While other instrument players are busy reading the sheet music, you will be coming up with solos and riffs to your favorite songs.

Electric Guitar String Bending

Believe it or not, some people would learn electric guitar so that they can get to string bend a little bit. It is a way to feel connected with the great Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. You only need to watch the solo to the song “Stairway to Heaven” to understand.

String bending is a guitar technique where the string is pushed up on a fretboard. This makes it tighter and raises the pitch. Done correctly, it helps to add emotion to the song you are playing.

Other guitar players are going as far as scalloping their fretboards to make it easier to string bend. A scalloped fretboard is one where the player reduces the wood between the frets [5]. This allows them to push the strings without their fingers coming into contact with the board.

It may sound intense, but legendary electric guitar players such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai use scalloped neck guitars. If the legends can do it, imagine how much you are going to enjoy playing your guitar now.

Improve your Chord Play

Having an electric guitar will help you improve your chord play. That’s because you can practice quietly at any time of the day. You can turn down the volume knob or put the amplifier on mute and practice your chord hand placement technique.

If you want to hear how you sound, you can plug in your headphones into the amplifier and enjoy your music in peace. Chord play is a difficult skill, thus, you must use all the time you have available to practice. You can even watch TV while training your chord hand.

The more you practice, the easier it will be to play your electric guitar. Your chord skill is transferable to an acoustic guitar.

Learn More About Electric Guitars

As you can see, there are many reasons why learning how to play an electric guitar is good for your life. The sense of achievement you derive from mastering something is unquantifiable.

Learn more about electric guitars and the best electric guitar brands you should select.

Stephanie Su

Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

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