10 Piano Apps To Help You Learn To Play

Learning to play the piano is easier than ever before thanks to fantastic piano apps. Piano apps help you save the cost of expensive private lessons, plus they allow you to learn at your own pace on your own schedule.

As of March 2017, there are 2.8 million apps available on Google Play and 2.2 million apps available on the Apple App Store, according to Statista [1].

Those are some big numbers. Finding the best app for you may require some digging. But don’t worry, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the best piano apps to help you learn to play. Here are the top ten.

10 Best Piano Apps for Beginners

Playing the piano can add to your life in many ways. You may be learning to play as a new hobby or to cross it off the bucket list. But did you know that playing the piano can help fight depression and anxiety too?

Playing an instrument appeals to our nature by giving us a sense of accomplishment. Besides that, it engages different parts of the brain and can be extremely meditative.

If your association with music lessons is a grouchy instructor smacking hands with a ruler, you can rest assured those days are long gone. You can take complete control of your desire to learn the piano with one of these great piano apps.

  1. Simply Piano by JoyTunesSimply Piano by JoyTunes

    This app appeals to those of us with packed schedules. It features daily workouts and allows you to start with the basics and work your way up on your own time. Learn to play by following the guided sheet music to key association. The best thing about this app is its listening feature. The app listens as you play on your piano or keyboard and guides you on how to improve. Free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play

  2. Magic Pianomagic piano app

    If you want to play piano, without the piano, this app is for you! While it takes place exclusively on your phone or tablet, it can still help you learn notes, rhythm, and timing in a fun way. The best thing about this app is the game feature. You can earn new songs by hitting achievements in game mode. Free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

  3. Piano Notes!Piano Notes! app By Visions Encoded Inc.

    This is one of the great piano apps because it allows you to learn to read music notes and associate them with your piano keys. It also contains over 1000 songs to learn. Great for intermediate players to improve their sight reading skills. $1.99 on iTunes App Store

  4. Piano Dust Buster by JoyTunes Piano Dust Buster by JoyTunes

    This amazing app works with any piano or keyboard. You can use touch mode to play on your device directly or get real-time guidance by allowing the app to listen to your piano, completely wirelessly. You can play anything from classics to the hits of today, some free and more with a subscription. Free on iTunes App Store.

  5. Pianist HDPianist HD APP

    If you learn best with the allowance to play at your own speed, this is the piano app for you. The app teaches you on a virtual keyboard that is designed to mimic a real piano. You have the ability to scroll around the keyboard and turn an authentic vibration feature on to make it feel more like you’re playing on a real piano or keyboard. Free on Google Play.

  6. Piano LessonsPiano lessons

    With a library of great video lessons, this is one of the best piano apps out there. It can teach pre-beginners up to more advanced pianists. Learn to play your favorite songs and the classics Free on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

  7. Magic White Piano: Music Tiles Magic White Piano: Music Tiles

    This fun piano playing game features daily challenges and  bonus to keep you addicted to learning your favorite songs. Impressive sound effects set this game apart from the competition. Tapping the white and black keys is a great way to learn about playing piano in this simple to play but challenging to master game. Free on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

  8. Yousician and Piano TeacherPiano Teacher

    Both apps are particularly good for beginners because it features finger position coaching, which is lacking from some of the other apps. They also have effective lessons for learning to read music and naming of the various keys and chords. Compete with friends in game mode or play for leaderboard rankings and achievements. Free on iTunes App Store for Yousician and  Google Play for Piano Teacher.

  9. Steinway Etude 

    Designed for the larger screen of an iPad, this app features a keyboard guide directly below the full page of sheet music. The color coated key indications teach you to read and play piano from a visual perspective. It also features a music video game called Piano Roll that drops the music down the screen to the color coated keys, teaching you the audible note association without the need to read sheet music. Free on the iTunes App Store.

  10. Gismart PianoGismart Piano APP

    One of the best digital piano apps out there, this app features a full 88 key piano keyboard, a game mode, and multiple musical instrument options such as organ, harpsichord, and accordion keyboard. The realistic sound allows you to learn piano entirely from your device. The playback feature is great because you can listen back to what you played to really help you learn. You can even record and share your plays with friends and family. Get it for $3.99 on Google Play.

These great piano apps are just the beginning [2]. With so many on the market, the only hard part of learning to play the piano is choosing the right app for you! Of course, the number one deciding factor should be if you want to learn to play a physical piano or keyboard, or you just want to learn the basics on your phone or tablet.

That’s It!

Learning piano just got a whole lot easier. Have fun while you learn by using piano apps.

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Stephanie Su

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Pete - September 15, 2018

Umm, Flowkey?!? That’s way better than the #1 on your list.

What about Piano Marvel and Piano Maestro?

John - September 22, 2018

I suggest Note Quest for beginners – it’s a relatively new flashcard app for beginners.
Real piano teachers prefer its educational, progressive logic when it comes to note recognition by intervals, no frills app.

Ivan - October 4, 2018

I am a middle-aged person and I have difficulty of learning music notes.
So I develop this FindDoReMi app

FindDoReMi helps me a lot to recognize music notes, and
I believe it is useful to you and your fans.

Would you consider to try my app?
If you like it, please share it with your fans.
Thank you. 😀


Tauseef - October 18, 2018

Such a comprehensive list.
I am was looking for apps as alternative to simply piano and this list did the job.

John Handler - November 20, 2018

A few months ago, I knew nothing about playing the piano.

Then I read this: learn piano for beginners and now I play many popular songs perfectly by ear even though I had never learned an instrument before.

It’s easier than you think to master the piano if you know these shortcuts.


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