10 Guitar Accessories All Beginners Need

Just starting on the guitar but a little unsure about what accessories you need?

If you’ve already started shopping around for guitar accessories, there’s a good chance you’re already overwhelmed by everything out there.

There are literally hundreds of guitar accessories to choose from! And everyone’s got their say on which ones are vital and which brands are best.

Some of these accessories are functional while others are just for creating a cool, super unique sound.

So, before you go and buy out an entire music store, read this article FIRST.

We’re covering the top ten guitar accessories all beginners need to know!

1. Strings

Yes, of course, the guitar you purchase is going to come with strings.

But guess what?

Those strings are going to break, so you’re going to want some backup.

As a beginner, you need to shop for strings based on thickness.

Thinner strings are usually best to start with, as they are easier to bend. However, they do break more easily and sound a little brighter.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it a bit, you can switch to thicker strings, which have a fuller sound and are more durable.

Also, make sure you shop for ones according to what type of guitar you have- electric or acoustic. 

2. String Cutter

Those strings you bought aren’t going to change themselves [1].

This is where a string cutter comes in. They make the job of changing your guitar strings super simple and quick.

There’s going to be some slack left over once you’ve changed the string, so the cutter is necessary to snip off the excess.

3. String Winder

After you cut, it’s time to wind!

Using a winder helps you get underneath the bridge pins and pop them out easily.

You can buy these as a 2 in 1, but the best ones usually are sold separately.

4. Tuner

Ok, so you’ve purchased your new strings. And those new strings look great on your guitar.

So what’s next?

It’s tuning time!

Those who like to keep it old school may opt for a guitar pitch pipe to tune their guitar.

However, in the beginning, learning stages, you’ll likely get along much better with a headstock clip-on tuner.

These tuners are capable of tuning acoustic, bass, and electric guitars. All you have to is clip it to your headstock and you’ll be ready to rock.

If you want to get a little fancy, you can also purchase an electric tuner. These will run you a bit more money, but they’re awesome!

5. Metronome

A metronome is a lifesaver when you’re first learning guitar.

This nifty device helps you keep a steady rhythm while allowing you to play at a slower-paced tempo.

As you get better, you can gradually increase the speed.

Although inexpensive and durable, you actually don’t necessarily need to purchase a metronome- there are plenty of apps for them on your smartphone as well.

However, if you want one in your studio at all times, purchasing one is a good idea.

6. Pick

Talk to any seasoned guitarist, and they’ll have a lot to say about guitar picks.

Don’t worry though, for beginners, it’s not that complicated.

Picks are super cheap, so buy a handful of them in different sizes and thicknesses to see what feels the most comfortable for you.

Size really comes down to comfort whereas thickness comes down to preference on sound. Thick ones will produce a heavier sound whereas thinner ones produce a lighter sound.

7. Case/Stand

Learning to play guitar can be addicting, but eventually, you’re going to have to give that thing a rest!

When you do, it’s wise to keep it somewhere out of harm’s way.

It’s never a good idea to simply prop your guitar against a wall. This leaves it susceptible to getting knocked over and damaged.

The decision between a case and a stand really depends on where you’re going to be playing.

If you’re learning for your own enjoyment and don’t plan on lugging your guitar anywhere, you can probably get by with just a stand.

However, if you ever plan to transport your guitar, you’ll definitely want a case.

8. Capo

Ever watched a friend play guitar and noticed a gadget clipped onto their headstock?

That little gadget is called a capo. It’s a tool that shortens the length of the fretboard and raises the key one and a half-step for every fret.

This may sound a bit confusing if you’re still at the very beginning stages of learning. But basically, a capo allows you to take what you already know and expand it.

For example, let’s say there’s a song you want to learn but it’s in the F key, which you don’t know yet. Clip on your capo and you can play it in the much easier D key.

9. Strap

Here, you can worry less about technicalities and focus more on personal flair.

A strap is necessary for anyone learning guitar.

There are so many options for guitar straps. You can pretty much find a style you like and you’ll be good to go [2]!

10. Cleaning Products

We decided to save the most fun accessory for last- cleaning products!

That’s right, investing in a guitar means adding another item to your Sunday cleaning list.

But don’t worry, cleaning your guitar is pretty simple.

While there are many high-quality, guitar-specific cleaning products out there, you can get by with some basic household items.

A rag and a bit of Murphy’s oil soap is all you need to keep your guitar looking as good as new.


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Guitar Accessories Wrap Up

Now that you know the must-have guitar accessories, it’s time to start purchasing!

Remember, you’re going to get a lot of input on what brands are the best for each one of these.

At the end of the day, choosing the right guitar accessories really comes down to personal preference and comfort. So don’t get too caught up in buying everything that’s top of the line.

Got any questions about guitar accessories? Drop a comment below.

Otherwise, browse our site for more info on your awesome new guitar!

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