10 FREE Music Download Sites You Need to Check Out

Downloading free music online can be such a pain. Ugh.

Between uploading viruses and downloading useless apps just to find out the music wasn’t free in the first place – no one ever believes music download sites anymore.

But thanks be to the music gods – we’ve got you covered. After hours of sifting through music download sites, we put together the top 10 site to download free music.

Be sure to thank us later.

Top 10 Music Download Sites

1. Jamendo

If you haven’t taken advantage of all the free music Jamendo has to offer, you’re missing out! Packed with awesome features that fill you in on what’s popular and trending – with Jamendo you’re able to listen to all the hottest music out. Because Jamendo works with the artists through Creative Common licensing- all participating artist have already decided what music they wanted to give out for free!

2. NoiseTrade

Enter your email and zip code into NoiseTrade to unlock a world full of thousands of your favorite music! The features that make NoiseTrade different from other music download sites is that they’re all about tips and promotions. When listening to your favorite artists, you can help support by either leaving a tip or promoting their tunes to your friends.

The icing on the cake? NoiseTrade also offers free audiobooks. Just like the artists, authors would also like you to share their creations and earn a tip!

3. Amazon Music Download Sites

Amazon?! Yea, we were surprised too!

Amazon gives music lovers accesss to thousands of new music. Giving you access to sort by popularity, reviews, release date and much more- this is undeniably one of the best music download sites! Preview the songs you want before downloading by clicking the “Play” icon and when you’re ready, click the “Free” button to add it to your cart.

4. Internet’s Archive Audio Library

Music, radio, podcasts, and their infamous Live Music Archive – the Internet’s Archive Audio Library gives you access to millions of audio files! So not only can you listen to your favorite artists, but to your favorite podcasters and audiobooks! Want to listen to the latest from Green Day? They’ve got you covered. Want to listen to listen to an audiobook on Piano Exercises? They’ve got that too! From Beyonce to John Mayer – jam out to your favorite tunes in any file format to fit your audio device.

5. SoundCloud

You know we couldn’t get through this list without giving a major shout out to Soundcloud Founded over 10 years ago, SoundCloud has undeniably become the pinnacle of free music downloads! And the cool part is whether you’re an Android user or iOS user, SoundCloud adapts to you. Used by professional artists, but also by independent artists, search the “Free” tag to see what free music is available to you. Click the “Free Download” to access your music favs instantly to your library.

6. SoundClick

Think Facebook meets music [1]. If you want to learn more about your favorite music, SoundClick is one of the music download sites that have got to visit! Not only are you able to download free music, but you’re able to stream and purchase music to support your musician’s craft!

One of the things that makes SoundClick stand out from its other competitors is that you’re able to create custom radio stations! Want to listen to soft rock? Create a station! Want to listen to the best of Cardi B? Create a station! SoundClick will be your best friend for your music fix!

7. CCTrax

If you feel like listening to electronic, dance, house, and techno – here’s your home. Kind of like Jamendo, Cctrax uses Creative Common licensing in order to team up with your favorite artists to bring you good music! Oh, and there’s no need to worry about the hassle of making an account or logging in for music freebies. Streaming and downloading music on CCTrax is fast, easy, and struggle-free.

8. MP3juices.cc

If you ever used a Youtube Converter site, you already know that you can never really go wrong with it. Because it converts music directly from Youtube (minus the ads)- you know you get what you get before downloading it to your computer. That’s exactly how Mp3Juices works.

Fun fact: Originally MP3Juices was shut down by London Police in 2014, but now they have renovated the site to make it better than ever.

If you’re new to the whole YouTube Converting sites – it’s the simplest thing [2]. All you have to do is copy the YouTube URL and paste it to box located on the homepage of MP3Juices. When it converts, it gives you the option to download the file and move it to a folder of your choice. So whether you want to download your favorite song or listen to a Youtube Tutorial on how to play the guitar– MP3Juices is perfect for customizable playlists.

9. Last.FM

Think radio meets social site. Last.FM is different from other music download sites because you get to connect with other people who have similar taste in music. In addition, they give you the recommendations on bands you’d love based on your music selection. And the icing on the cake? Last.FM isn’t limited to any genre. Ready to fulfill all your taste buds, Last.FM is calling your name.

10. FMA

Want to actively keep up with all the latest music? Free Music Archive is going to be your go-to! Because they constantly update their blog with the latest music, awesome collections, and their favorite highlights – FMA is perfect for the millennial music lover. They frequently update their top charts to bring you the best music of all time, this month, and even this week!

On top of all this, you’re able to create a free account and enroll for the exclusive goodies such as creating your own collection and interacting with other users who have

There you have it. You no longer have to download music illegally when free music is right at the tip of your fingers.

We’re here for all your music needs!

Be sure to visit our site for the ultimate music guide! You can also check here if you need free music sheets.

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Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

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