10 Best Sites for Free Sheet Music Downloads

Looking for free sheet music to download?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re sure that’s music to your ears for many reasons! But music can even give you health benefits you never even knew about.

Whatever music you’re looking to play, whether it’s jazz or pop music, there’s a sheet music download for that. Stop wasting your valuable playing time by searching around on the internet. You can never have enough sheet music – everything you need is right here.

Top Sites For Sheet Music Downloads

1. International Music Score Library Project

The IMSLP is exactly as it sounds – a collection of international music, all available for you to use. You can search their database by composer, nationality, or time period to find exactly what you’re looking for.

There are over 100,000 works to choose from, and many are accompanied with MP3 recordings of performances.

2. 8notes

8notes is a renowned site for sheet music downloads. You are presented with a choice of what instrument you want to download your music for, ranging from voice to musical groups to the banjo.

Once you click into the category you’re looking for, you’ll find the music arranged into other categories such as beginner, advanced, and intermediate. You’ll also find jazz, rock and pop, traditional, play along tracks and more. There’s basically everything that you’re looking for and more.

3. Musescore

Musescore is a little different from the other websites topping our list. On Musescore, you get free sheet music downloads, but with this program, you get music that other people created. It’s an open-source community of professional musical notation software.

Not only can you get the music that other people wrote, but you can write your own. You write music for guitar, band, piano, choir, and others all by using their software, all completely free and with no limitations. There are even apps for Android and iPhone.

4. Mutopia

Mutopia brings you music in LilyPond file format, and also allows you to download it in PDF version. It’s mostly a collection of classical sheet music, but their file library is growing and contains more modern songs as well. It’s arranged by composer, style, instrument, collections, or latest additions.

5. Pianotte

If you’re looking for piano sheet music galore, then this is the website for you. Especially if more modern music is your point of interest – from Ed Sheeran to Taylor Swift to Katy Perry, you can find the sheet music to whatever song’s been stuck in your head lately. There are over a thousand tracks for you to download in PDF form.

6. Swappano

Swappano is a different approach than just searching for the song you’re looking for and downloading it – what if you can’t find that song? Or you have something to offer up for yourself?

With Swappano, when you find a song of interest, you can offer to swap songs with another user. When you find something you’re looking for, you sign up, and add your own music sheets or e-books to your account. Then you offer to swap with the user in question.

You can ask for files even if you don’t have anything to offer in return. You still might get something! It’s just more likely that when you have something to trade, that user will respond to you.

7. ChoralWiki

Yep, ChoralWiki is like the Wikipedia for free sheet music downloads, and it’s also a United States registered charity. It’s even laid out very similarly to Wikipedia, and if the name didn’t give it away, it’s mainly focused on free music for choral arrangements.

The site has search functions split up into composers and music, and offers you over 25,000 files to download. It’s also constantly growing, so if you ever ran out of music, you could just wait and check back for more. You can even add your own music, if you wish.

8. Musicnotes

Musicnotes has both free sheet music and paid sheet music, but one of the most impressively diverse and vast libraries of sheet music available. Hundreds of professionally arranged titles are added to their library every week, from the classics to the latest song that was just playing in your radio.

You can download your music and then take it anywhere you go, because they also have apps available to display your music and teach you how to read it. You can also join a digital discount club if you choose to pay for your music and get it at a percentage off.

9. EZ Folk

This site is also just as it sounds – it has folk songbooks made just for guitar, banjo, ukulele, and harmonica so you can get your own folk band started.

Not only do you get that free music, but the site is also loaded with free music lessons for anyone trying to learn any of these instruments.

You can learn Christmas songs, country songs, pop – anything that you’d want, now with a folk twang to it.

10. Mus Open

Mus Open says that their mission is to set music free, and they’re doing a good job of it by offering you free sheet music and recordings. You can browse music by time period, composer, performer, or instrument, and their database is made of mostly classical music.

They also have other resources, such as freely available textbooks and guides on how to hire a teacher for whatever instrument that you want to learn. Their music and materials are all public domain. They have a quick search function on the homepage of their website, or you can browse through the entirety of their catalogue.

Start Playing Now

Now that you’ve got all the free music resources you could possibly need, it’s time to start practicing. We’ve got literally everything you’d ever want or need to start learning all about the instrument you’ve been itching to play. No more excuses.

Once you’ve mastered your instrument, you might even consider playing in a band.

You know you’ve always wanted to be a rockstar and sites like this, along with a lot of practice, can get you on your way.

Stephanie Su

Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

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would love more sheet music in my Genre Of R and b sheet music

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Plz I want some sheet music for beginners symphony orchestra

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