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Complete Music Theory Learning Experience for Beginners 

We have planned out an 8 weeks training courses for you. All it takes is 10 minutes of time on the daily basis. Are you ready to take this challenge?

Music Theory

Pitches, Notes, Chords! Learn the fundamentals of music with our planned training.


Music Professional? These quizzes will test your basic understanding of the music theory

Music Brand

Get to know all the music brand in each category and the pros/cons for each brand

Music Instruments

Interested to buy a music instrument? See and Compare a list of similar instrument we recommended

Sheets and Music

Play the sheets and music. Come see what we are offering and what you need to know from each piece.


See all the resource articles that'll bring your music motivation to the next level

Stephanie Su
Violin and Piano Specilist

About the Author

Hello, this is Stephanie! I started learning music when I was four years old. After the completion of my post-graduate training in one of the most renowned hospital in New York as a music therapist, I continued on with my journey as a music teacher. My mission for MusicAdvisor.com is to bring together more people in the music learning industry while providing the next generation kids the resources to build up their motivation to the next level.

“I am a total beginner in music. I was doing my own fragmented research on how to put a lesson plan together for myself until I found this website. Nowadays It is rare to find organized and free contents in this industry. Good work! The music theory part is extremely well planned.”

 Jennifer Adams


"I am learning piano with my child and we are using this website as a reference to things we didn't fully understand in the class. Instead of going to my teacher which costs $35 per half hour, now we are more than ready to explore music with the help from this site. "

 Mark Malone

 Financial Planner